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Pacco Finland Oy

Pacco Finland Oy wants to be part of building a more sustainable, equitable, safe, and environmentally friendly future. We are always seeking new solutions to effectively implement this goal.

We help our customers find the most suitable and sustainable overall solution to meet their needs. This may involve, for example, reusing packaging, utilizing box parts, or responsibly disposing of materials. We also pay attention to other parts of the chain, such as sustainably and efficiently produced storage and transportation.

Our operations are carefully guided, and we emphasize workplace safety. We grow in a controlled manner and in a way that is sustainable for the company, the environment, and our employees. Occupational health and well-being are important to us, including providing quality snacks to help our employees focus on their work safely. A fair and equal work environment is also close to our hearts.

Fair play extends to our customer relationships as well. We are a genuine and reliable partner whose main task is to support our customers on their path to success.

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